2016.2.12 - 2016.5.15

The first impression Hsiao Wei Tsou, a collage artist, formed when she visited Nanfangao was fish, in which she submerged herself completely through her sense of vision and smell. Because we are not fish, we don’t know their thoughts. We don’t know if they are ever happy, or if there is anything deeper. She uses the image of fish as a metaphor to depict how people deal with their feelings differently, demonstrating empathy through her art.

Through her wild and fertile imagination of fish’s inner world, perhaps you will discover that we have always underestimated and simplified the mind of a fish. Hsiao Wei’s sense of humour also permeates through her pieces. Looking into her work has granted us a new chance to learn about all the other corners we have missed. The gallery “Fish Days” is exactly what inspired us to carefully examine each and every picture of fish in the village. We are thrilled to invite you to explore Nanfangao through a different perspective.

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