Nanfangao is located at the southern tip of Yilan. It’s the first modernised fishing port in Taiwan. After more than 90 years of prosperity and recession, it is still one of the three major fishing ports in the country. There are legends and stories waiting to be discovered, and we are looking forward to her future transformation.

The New Days is a minimalist style hotel located in the center of the village. We provide an opportunity for travellers to get to know Nanfangao. The village is not too big, thus very suitable for a relaxed and slow-paced exploration. You will have new discoveries and new feelings every time you visit.

On the second floor of the hotel is the gallery “about:” which showcases different exhibitions every three months. Artists are invited to explore and reinterpret Nanfangao's character through their works, unveiling different ways to get to know a place. The magazine “about:” is the medium where we record these viewpoints and collect the sentiments, published simultaneously with the opening of each exhibition.


2020.6.25 - 2020.9.29

In Nanfangao, there are people from all walks of life. Together, the locals and the visitors form the image of the town. To record the face of the town, Mu Ling drew portraits of fifty people she randomly met in Nanfangao.

To Mu Ling, every piece of paper is a unique opportunity to attain an ideal state of perfection that she seeks in her works. She may seem to let the crayon roam free on the paper, but in every single stroke and color lies self-critique at the highest standard; any hint of hesitation or reservation would call for starting over from scratch.

This is a highly disciplined practice. Once a piece of paper is let go, everything begins anew with the next stroke. With these lines free of the burdens of the past, she can attempt to convey the feelings and conditions that she seeks to the viewer. What we see are the randomness of creation, the serendipity of completion, and the result of the efforts to relax and erase the traces of said effort.

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Car: There are many parking spaces by the harbour, about 5 minutes from the hotel on foot. Please be aware of the carpool policy on Freeway No. 5.
Bus: Departing from MRT YuanShan Station / MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station, Bus No. 1879 reaches Nanfangao directly with about a 5 minute walk to the hotel.
Train: Transfer at Suao Train Station to Bus No. 1766 to Nanfangao, or taxi.
Ferry: Take the Natchan Rera ferry departing from Hualien Harbour to Nangfangao (cars allowed).